Weber Custom Application

Weber Custom Application

Get More Bushels Out of Every Pound of Nitrogen

Using Y-Drop from Weber Custom Application allows growers to have more control of when and where nitrogen is applied.  It is key to apply nitrogen at the right time and the right place to make the most of your inputs.

The corn plant uses nearly 75% of its needed nitrogen after the V10 stage.  As kernels are forming, if the corn plant is short of available nitrogen, the corn plant can have some bad days and may not have as good of grain fill in the ear.

Placement of nitrogen is very important.  Corn plants acquire more than 60% of its nitrogen from a radius of about 7 inches from the stalk base.  Y-Drop applies the nitrogen within about 2” to 3” of the stalk base.

Weber Custom Application can also apply fungicide and insecticide under canopy of any height of corn or soybeans.  This allows the chemical to be applied under leaf where most disease and insects flourish.

Call Kenny at Weber Custom Application to schedule in your late season side dress pass with Y-Drop and your under-canopy pass with UnderCover.

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