2023 Revolution Planter 16 Row Planter
2023 Revolution Planter 16 Row Planter

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2023 Revolution Planter 16 Row Planter

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New 2023 Revolution Planter

2023 16 row 30” Series 1.5 Harvest International bar with LaserPro units.  This planter will be “1775nt style” planter bar with wheels tucked between.  All other standard and options are the same.  Central fill seed delivery system and Hydraulic wing weight distribution system.  Narrow MudSmith Spoked gauge wheels.  This planter will come standard with Precision Planting vDrive electric drive and DeltaForce hydraulic downforce.  MartinTill ACCR floating row cleaner with CleanSweep will be standard.  Copperhead Ag spike closing wheels will be standard as well.  Any options can be upgraded if desired.  Liquid system can be added as an option. 

Kenny – 605-695-2709
Andy – 605-413-3127

Call for a quote to have it fit your specific needs.